Address: 3495 De La Cruz Blvd.
                Santa Clara, CA 95054

Phone:    (408) 727-6442

FAX:        (408) 988-3971


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Welcome to APCT, Inc.

APCT is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, rigid printed circuit boards. Located in Santa Clara, the heart of California's Silicon Valley, the plant is designed to facilitate world class cycle times, while supporting a broad range of printed circuit board technologies.  


APCT differentiates itself with standard lead times of 10 days and is the industry leader in offering     2 - 5 day cycle times on HDI specific designs including: 50 - 75 micron spacing, sequential lamination, blind & buried vias, stacked vias and via-in-pad technologies.


With a corporate culture focused on Continuous Improvement; Best in Class Service and detailed Engineering Support, APCT has built a reputation based on Responsiveness and Design for Manufacturing expertise.

APCT, Inc.: The Leader in Advanced Technology PCB Manufacturing

Lead Times -

World Class Cycle Times

2-10 layers, 24 hours; 12-24 layers, 48 hours

We can support Via in Pad, 48-72 hours

We can support HDI, 2-5 day turns

Technology - We are recognized for supporting a Broad Range of Technologies
Layer Count - Standard: 2-28 layers; Advanced: 30-38 layers; Developing: 40+ layers
Quantities - From proto-types to mid-production;
With off-shore solutions through APCT Global
Pricing - No tooling charges; No test charges
Certifications- ISO 9001 Rev 2008 Certified; ITAR Registered; IPC 6012 Class III

Message from the President:

“Several companies have the tools, the equipment to build a reliable product as we do. However, no one has the expertise or passion of our personnel. From our front line planners to our shop floor technicians, you can expect great service, knowledge and attention to detail. It’s the difference you will see from a company committed to your success. It’s the entire experience of working with our team from start to finish, that sets us apart. Give us the opportunity to earn your trust and gain your loyalty.”

Steve Robinson, President / CEO